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hair styles for the big day! help!

I'm getting married in June 2010 and I am already stressing about my hair.  I have very thin blonde hair that tends to "fly away" when pulled back no matter how much hairspray is applied lol.  It is about shoulder length (and growing hopefully!) and I would love for it to be up off my shoulders and out of my face. 

Where did you go for inspiration?  Any suggestions?

Re: hair styles for the big day! help!

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    I also have very fine thin hair so I wear clip in extensions.  This gave me a lot more options than if I didn't wear them.  They are fairly inexpensive so you might want to try them.  I wear the Euronext Remy human hair extensions from Sally's beauty supply.  Do you have a regular stylist?  A good wedding hairstylist will be able to give you suggestions, whether you use extensions or not. 

    This was one of my hair inspiration pictures.  If you look in my planning bio under The Look, you will see what my hair looks like without extensions versus with them.

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    To keep down the "Fly Aways", I use this awesome hair & skin oil that my former manager gave me. She works at a salon. It's available at most salons. It's called ENJOY. It looks like this:

    <img src=";&gt;

    It runs about $35 at the salon she works at, but I found it on Amazon for  $20. I promise you it works, and it makes your hair so much shinier & smoother. :)

    It's also great for your hands. :)
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    That image didnt work. I'll try again.

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