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Tipping for Hair and Makeup


For my wedding we are having a woman come in to do everyone's hair and my makeup.  She does not work for a salon, but has her own business. I am wondering how much we are supposed to tip her for her services. People have been telling me a lot of different things (tip the same as a salon, don't tip at all because she gets all of the money, etc.). What should I do?

And do I do the same at the trial as on the day of the wedding??

Thanks ahead of time :)
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Re: Tipping for Hair and Makeup

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    But what % would you tip? Would you tip the same as if you went to a salon? Having the people in your home is much  more expensive than going to a salon. They are charging almost double what I would have spent at a salon. And everyone is having their hair done. 

    What is the expected rate? 
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    I tipped 20%.  I agree it's expensive but you are paying for the convenience of having them on site and eliminating the stress of having to to it yourself.  Plus, at least in my case, I got a much more complicated hairstyle than I normally would get at a salon.  I felt it was worth it.  My MUA charged slightly more than a salon but certainly not double.  Just do what you think is fair.
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    Hi I was a hairstylist and makeup artist for alot of years. and the average tip I got was 15 to 20% keep in mind your stylest when they are at their salon they have a perfect chair, perfect lighting and every tool imaginable, when they come to your house they have to bring everthing they might possibly need, deal wiith you sitting in a chair that is probably too tall or too short, which ussually leads to going home with a back ache, and lighting that is just never as good, they also have to travel and lug all their stuff.
    So my guide is definitly 15 to 20%, and yes they get to keep all the money,booth renters at salons keep it all too, and their is no way of knowing what your stylists deal with their salon is. 
    another example you still tip restaurants on top of the price of food even if the person who waited on you is the restaurant owner right?
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    I agree with the last post. I'm a stylist also and 15-20% is standard.  It is a whole lot of extra work to go some where because you need to lug everything around. 
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    Thank you all for your help. I was planning on tipping, I just wanted to make sure that was standard.

    Thanks again!
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    Im a hairstylist also and everything on here is correct. 15-20% is normal if the experience is everything and more a little more gratuity is always appreciated.
    I travel alot to do bridal partys and it is alot to drag around your equipment and supplies. It is way more convient to have someone come to your house though. enjoy the experience with your bridal party.
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