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Wedding Hair and Beauty

Recommendations for mom's cover-up makeup?

Over the last year or two my mom has developed a skin condition called granuloma annulare, with these raised circular bumps.  They were mostly on her arms and hands but recently they've spread to her neck and face.  She's really self-conscious about them and keeps her hands out of pictures.

They look like this and sometimes are 1.5-2" diameter:

At Christmas we took family pictures and the flash reflected off her cover-up makeup on her face and made her look all silver and shiny and weird.  She's worried about wedding pictures.  I know our photographer can work some magic with Photoshop but she'd like to look nice for the day.

Any recommendations for a good brand of cover-up makeup?  Part of the problem is that the marks are a bit raised, so they're hard to hide.  Any advice is welcome!

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