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Hair down at a beach Wedding??

Yay or Nay?

I really want the beach wave look with a flower in my hair, but I'm worried about my hair going crazy in the wind and my pics looking horrible. I tried a half up look and it just didn't look as good.

What do you think? Anyone have experience with this?

Re: Hair down at a beach Wedding??

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    I really wanted to wear my hair down, too!

    However, practicality won over. I wanted to focus on DH and not brushing hair out of my face.

    You could always do a loose bun for the ceremony (to keep your hair out of your face), take it out afterwards and wear it down for the reception.
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    I was going to suggest same as PP. See if you can find a style that you can do as an up do and then let it down for pictures & reception
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    I got married on a lake, and I know it's not the same, but there was an enormous breeze during the ceremony.
    I always wanted to wear my hair down to get married, but it was pretty impractical, so I ended up doing an updo, and I'm glad I did.
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    I ended up wearing my hair down with the flower in my hair in Miami, FL and it was just perfect. :) Barely any wind at all. Don't let any hairdressers interested in upsells scare you away from how you want to wear your hair. I suggest just doing a trial run the day before at the same time as the ceremony. Walk out on the beach and see how much wind there is and take note on what it's doing to your hair.
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