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evening out tanlines

So, I have a beautiful farmers tan.  I've been laying out to try to get it more even but it just isn't working...I'm getting married in 9 days!  I did this to myself...no need to tell me that I messed up.  I would really like to even it out before the big day and am wondering if i should do a sunless tanning spray (like neutrogena), continue to lay out and hope it evens out, etc.  i haven't ever had a professional spray tan so I'm weary of that this close to the wedding.  Advice?

Re: evening out tanlines

  • whatever you decided to do DO NOT wait any longer, go right out and get it or try it so you know if it'll work for your wedding and you're not experimenting the day before or day of

    you can either go to the store and buy a sunless tanner and try doing it yourself OR go to a salan and get a spray or airbrush tan

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  • I would get a spray tan on those tan lines and also lay out. GO NOW!!!! And the day of, if lines are still showing, concentrate bronzer on those areas. Good luck!!!
  • I had to get a spray tan to cover mine.  I had stopped going out in the sun months before the wedding to try and get them to fade so they weren't even that dark.

    If your local board is active, ask for a rec for someone that does airbrush tanning (where a person sprays you).  You still have time for a trial, but barely.  Or try some of the different over the counter products.  Laying out isn't going to work so I would advise you begin trying other options.
  • thanks, ladies!
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