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Anyone not doing a french tip mani/pedi?

Hi girls!

I'm wondering if any brides out there are going with something different than a french tip on fingers or toes? I've heard of some brides going with neutral shades or sheers. If you're doing something different, what color are you going with?

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Re: Anyone not doing a french tip mani/pedi?

  • I'm going with a sheer pink! I love the way sheer ivory looks on nails and I also think that's a nice alternative. If your style is vintage sheer colors are perfect. I had a friend go with an antique blue -- it totally worked for her!
  • I'm still not sure about what color I will be doing but I will be doing a color instead of a french tip. I'll probably go with a color that matches my wedding colors
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  • short red nails, purple toe nails, my wedding is the week before halloween so I'm having fun with it!

  • I will be wearing sheer pink.  i don't want to pay for a mani only to have it ruined when I DIY my flowers the day of my wedding.  Also, I am known for always having my nails a shade of pink.  It just makes more sense!
  • I went with an OPI color called "Pearls of Wisdom." It's sort of a pearly pink, slightly iridescent shade. It looked really nice in pictures.
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  • Retro Half moons for me.  I will probably find a vintage color and try and match it in the fuschia/red tones.
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  • I'm doing light pink nails and probably a bright coral/red toes. I am not a fan of french..plus we are leaving straight for our honeymoon and I want "vacation toes"...lol
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  • Red...red...red...red
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  • Red here as well. FI loves it and I detest French ont he toes so that was never an option.

    I will be getting the OPI Axxium gel polish before we leave for Mexico.
  • Sheer pink for my fingernails.  I might do my toes in blue.
  • no french here. i'd love to do red but i think i'm going to have too much red going on that day! but... i don't like the look of french on my feet, and i don't want acrylics (my nails curl if they grow too long so a natural french probably won't be too swell). so i'm going with either an opaque nude or pink - i just have to find the perfect shade!
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  • I'm doing red for both to match my shoes!
  • Sheer pink, and doing it myself. I think manicures are a complete waste of money!
  • I bought some OPI nail polish - lighter pink for my finger and a dusty rose color for my toes - and a sheer sparkly pink to go over the top of both to add some shimmer.  It's your day - do what you want!  I wanted my nails to compliment my dress, not look like everyone else's. 
  • I'm probably going to do pink on my toes...I think I want to use one by OPI called "Elephantastic Pink" (my shoes are pale pink) and there's a really pretty natural-type of color by China Glaze called "Innocence"...I think it's really pretty.  Hope this helps!
  • My fingernails are super-short most of the time anyway (I play the fiddle and they get in the way otherwise), so I'm not doing anything special with them other than a sheer shimmery polish.  I'm wearing closed-toe shoes, but they'll probably come off during the dancing.  The toenails will be dark red, like the embroidery on my dress!  :)
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  • OPI's Pamplona Purple for me....
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  • Nothing on my fingers (polish doesn't stick and acrylics pop off too easily), denim blue on my toes.
  • Toes are going to be blue or silver.  Fingers might be French tips or a pale color. 
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  • Most likely going with French or a nice pale sparkly pink on the fingers & a deep red or burgundy on the toes  =)
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