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Don't want to be a red and white bride

I have an odd problem.  I suffer from what the doctors' call "dermatographic urticaria" which is basically hives that I get from pressure or irritation against my skin (like if you press your finger against my skin and draw a heart in about five minutes I'll have a perfect raised red heart on my skin or if I raise my sunglasses against my forehead I get two marks on my face from the eye prongs.)  Anyway, the beading from my wedding dress makes little red dots on my arms where they rub against the bodice.  The sales lady suggested putting on benadryl or cortisol cream before the wedding to minimize the problem (I don't know if that'll help).  Does anyone else have this problem??  Suggestions??

Re: Don't want to be a red and white bride

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    I would talk to your health care provider and see if there are any creams that would help, and if there is not and it is that big of a deal, perhaps have a tailor remove some of the beading on the sides of the bodice.
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    I would go to a dermatologist about this problem. 
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    I would also talk to a dermatologist. since this is an immune system problem with symptoms that show on the skin, they might be able to prescribe a stronger cortisone cream than what you get over the counter, or possibly an oral corticosteroid for a few days before the wedding to reduce the inflammation.

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