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Teeth whitening help!

I now have HIDEOUS white splotches on my front two teeth after my first run of whitening gel strips (they're generic). What do I do? There's nine months til my wedding, but I'm still panicking. The rest of my teeth show no change whatsoever, save for another small white spot on an adjacent tooth.

Re: Teeth whitening help!

  • How long since you've done it? I heard that this is temporary (if you did the strips a couple of hours ago). I also got a few faint white spots on my teeth the first few times I did it.
  • Yup :) Just keep using them! The spotting is normal, that's what my dentist told me! If the spotting doesn't go away at some point in the future, like you use it one time in a few weeks and you have white spots for over 6 hours... I would stop. But I doubt that'll happen!
  • Yup, it is normal. And it usually says it right on the package esp if you are using Crest Whitestrips. If they bother you, you could use them every other day. But I would definitely continue so you get the full results.
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