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Dry skin--will a facial help?

I have very dry skin, that tends to get red easily. I had a makeup trial that I loved but I did notice after awhile, my skin started to flake a little bit from having her rub and blot for awhile (espeically around my chin). Will a hydrating facial(s) help in the long run at all? Or are they just a nice short term pick me up? I'm getting married in September so I have some time to get them regularly, but have no idea if it will do anything. Maybe just invest in a better night cream and be really hydrated day-of? 

Re: Dry skin--will a facial help?

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    I get flakiness during the winter, though not so much during the summer. I use the moisturizer from The Body Shop's Vitamin E line (those are the ones in the pink jars), because it helps hold down the flaky upper layer of my skin and prevent more flakes a lot better than my usual moisturizer does, without needing to just layer on more oil.

    If you're already drinking enough water, consider your diet for vitamins good for the skin, plus fatty acids. Also, since you're in Baltimore I doubt a dry climate's the problem, but if you're running the air conditioner it could cause issues; if the air is dry from the AC try a humidifier. Long, hot showers are a common dry skin culpret, as are overly drying facial soaps. Finally, limit sun exposure!
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