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Hair & Make-up Pre-ceremony in honeymoon suite?

I'm having a destination wedding in Paris.  We are going to be arriving in Paris a week before the ceremony and will be renting an apartment for the week prior to the ceremony.  For the wedding night, I have booked a honeymoon suite in the hotel which the ceremony is going to be held in (the ceremony is on a terrace overlooking the city of Paris).  My question is, should the honeymoon suite be saved for after the ceremony for just the groom and I, or would it be appropriate for me and the girls to have our hair and make-up done in the suite before the ceremony?

The apartment we are renting is small, and I was thinking I would let my fiance stay there for the morning of the wedding, because I don't want him to see me before the ceremony!

What do you think?

Re: Hair & Make-up Pre-ceremony in honeymoon suite?

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    I am goingt o be using the suite as well. My fiance will be at our aprtment and my MOH is going to stay with me. We are doing a bourdoir photo shoot to give to our husbands as gifts, mine on our one year. Use the beautiful room as much as you can the photos of the bride getting ready are some of the best! Just tidy up after of have the maid come through when you leave.

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    We stayed in our suite a few days before the wedding for our destination wedding. The girls and I used the room to get ready. It worked out really well. The room happened to be so big no one even went into the bedroom part... but housekeeping cleaned it up after we were done getting ready anyway...

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    I'm glad you posted this b/c i had the same question!

    I was thinking of getting a room w/ 2 beds for the night before the wedding so I can have my MOH sleep over and maybe a few other girls too. Then getting a separate room for the night of the wedding so it's unused.

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