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Has anyone used Dermablend before? I don't have horrible skin, the small blemish here or there every so often, but I have a fairly uneven skin tone and TONS of freckles (which I like, thank you very much).

I've used both Laura Mercier and Makeup Forever HD in the past and haven't been overly impressed, but I have a friend that uses Dermablend and people comment on her great skin ALL THE TIME! I think I might want to make the switch but I don't want to lose my freckles...

What are you experiences?

Re: Dermablend??

  • dermablend is amazing but too thick a coverage for what you want I think, it's desinged to cover facial scars and intense skin problems, it's a bit maskish
  • Yes, I have a friend who used Dermablend and it's very heavy. If you like your freckles, it will probably end up covering them..
  • Hi this is my first time checking this board out...

    Dermablend is meant for people with Vitiligo (which, Ironically, I was just diagnosed with) to even their skin tone, I agree that the coverage is too heavy. What about Ben Nye? As a professional I have used it a lot. also, you probably know this, but the best way to use foundation with freckles is to find a shade or 2 darker than your skintone, so the makeup doesnt look like chalk over the freckles. HTH :)
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  • I agree Dermablend is super thick and will definately cover those freckles!
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  • In Response to Re: Dermablend??:
    [QUOTE]I agree Dermablend is super thick and will definately cover those freckles!
    Posted by Shawnee11507[/QUOTE]

    Ditto.  I use dermablend to hide scars on my face and it does the job.  It will cover your freckles like a mannequin mask.
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  • Dermablend would DEFINITELY cover freckles. When I tried out for a pro cheerleading squad that is what the cheerleaders told us to use to cover any tattoos. I dont have any tattoos, but ive seen it used on some and you cant even tell theres a tattoo under it!  It works very well for that but I dont think it's really made for blemishes.
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