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Want these acrylic nails OFF

So I'm not usually a girly girl but wanted to have nice french nails for my wedding (this Saturday) and was afraid I'd ruin a regular manicure.  I was between trying the shellac or getting acrylics but opted for acrylic since I guess they are more durable.  However, they are driving me insaneeee and I've only had them on 1 day.  Too long, look tacky, can't function. 

Question is, can I have them removed or will my nails be completely ruined for my wedding.  I would love to get them off and do the shellac thing but don't want them to look all torn up on Sat.  

Do I risk it and get them off or just suck it up for the next 6 days and stick with the annoyance and look of these acrylics?  Thanks
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