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Help w/hair accessories and shoes for my Wedding!

Here is the dress I will be wearing, I want to find something cute for my hair. It will be down, but I usually pull my bangs to the side or something. Need something inexpensive and not traditional. (like a full length veil)- VEGAS wedding Jan 30th!

And I've been searching for a good price on ballet flats...its hard to find them in white.
Something like these

Re: Help w/hair accessories and shoes for my Wedding!

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    I second Zappos! Plus, no tax! :)
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    I third shout for Zappos... I got my shoes from there and was very happy with them. They have huge range of styles for great prices!
    As for your hair you dress is awesome and you might want to think of using flower(s) in your hair such as a fasinator or real flowers.
    LOVE the dress!
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