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So I'm the type of girl that just LOVES bangs. I love the look of the straight across, blunt bang (very reminiscent of Zooey Deschanel), moreso than the sideswept look. Knowing the wedding was approaching, at about 9 months or so ago, I began growing out my bangs, because I've heard that bangs (especially the straight, blunt ones) don't photograph well. But now that I'm about 2 months away, these bangs are long, out of control, and totally not in my comfort zone. Annnd I'm kind of considering cutting them again. But now I'm at the point that if I cut them....I have no time to let them grow back out at all. So I guess I want opinions. What have you seen as far as brides with bangs? Do they cast nasty shadows over the eyes usually? Do they tend to cover a bride's face more than anything else? Or have you seen cases in which they work? Thank you for your help!!!!

Re: Bangs?

  • I think if you're used to bangs and you prefer them - and especially if you'll feel more like yourself; then cut them.  I wouldn't do too long of a blunt bang, and I'd go a little heavier with the eye makeup just to make them pop.  I found a couple of inspiration photos (maybe?)

  • I love my straight bangs and will not be getting rid of them! I say rock them!!!
    We just stopped preventing January 2013! I use a tablet so please forgive my auto correct! :)
  • I did the same thing--grew them out, they drove me crazy, I cut them about a month before the wedding and they were perfect.

    I have side bangs but when I saw this picture after my wedding, I considered cutting them again!

    You can totally do it.
  • I grew my bangs out starting last October. They are STILL not all the way out. I would say if you are comfortable with your bangs. If they are styled nicely like the photos the other girls posted above then just wear 'em if thats what you want! You'll look more like yourself.

    Growing out bangs is like forgetting to cut the hedges.. its sooooo awkward looking I wish you could just blink and theyd be gone
  • I love my bangs too! I think that if you rock them on a daily basis, I think it would be weird if you didn't have them.

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  • I immediately think of bride wars....you can totally rock bangs!!!

  • Wow, thanks everyone! Well, I guess I'm cutting my hair. It is a style I'm more familiar with, and I'm happy to be going back to it. After all, there's really no use in making myself uncomfortable for the next few months just so I can wear a bangless updo for one day that most likely won't look like me anyway. And I forgot about Bride Wars! She was able to pull it off....well, then again she was Kate Hudson haha.  Thanks for the input, guys!
  • SLR, just in case, here's a girl who posts frequently, who did the blunt bang for her wedding.  She's gorgeous. 

  • Amoro, thanks for sending that link! Those photos and the bride looked gorgeous!
  • NP.  Her name is EmilyinChile. I forgot to credit her. heh.
  • Okay, she's seriously gorgeous, and those photos... oh my word amazing
  • As a hairstylist, my recommendation would be to select a hair style and for both with and without bangs, arrange an appointment for a trial, and have them try both! most salons won't have an issue with this, since that is, essentially, what a trial is for. Deciding exactly what you want to do with your hair on the big day. You can do this one of two ways: you can either do the trial now, (and if you like arrange another one closer to the day of,) or you can wait until closer to the time frame, and if you decide to go with the bangs, do a trim at the trial, (as an aside, most places I know of will do bang trims complimentary, or for $5-$10). Just to clarify, of course try the style without bangs first, that way if you end up liking the look of the style with bangs, it's a very simple process to trim them and see it all together. 

    Personally, I agree with the PPs, if you love your bangs and that is part of your style, then go with it. I'll be keeping my bangs for the wedding, although I will probably style them a bit different. But, it never hurts to test the waters, so to speak. HTH, and good luck!
  • In Response to Re: Bangs?:
    Okay, she's seriously gorgeous, and those photos... oh my word amazing
    Posted by JoyMatt424
    I know, right?  They had their wedding right after the big earthquake in Santiago and it really just made the pics even more beautiful.  She's also a total sweetheart.
  • I have bangs and I was talking to my stylist about whether I should grow them out, side-sweep or what-- my are straight, but I keep them curled under-- if that makes sense... Anyway, she said that curling them like I do-- with a round brush, would be fine and look nice.

    Hope that helps
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  • Thanks Stephiehall!  I think I found my hair inspiration pic!
  • My bangs were at a length where I could wear them straight or to the side. One of my good friends/BM is a hair stylist so I had a lot of time to practice different ways, but I ended up going to the side (PIP). I guess its partially because DH isn't a fan of my hair when I have straight bangs. Throughout the night they kind of shifted to more straight and I liked it both ways. Do what makes you feel comfortable!

  • I just got some Zooey bangs. Here's how they photographed:

  • KaylaSue, you look beautiful!  Congrats!!!
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