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Wedding Hair and Beauty

bridesmaid beauty

does the bride pay for all the bridesmaid hair and makeup? what are the rules about it? thanks!

Re: bridesmaid beauty

  • Marissa is correct.  If you want them to have a certain look you pay.  I just told my BM's what ever they want but nothing over the top.  Everyone natural looking...more worried about my 14 year old nieces makeup that will be my brides maid.

    I did ask them if they wanted to get their hair and make up down, which I still would have paid...but they all preferred to do it themselves.
  • Ditto marissa. I could not afford to pay for all of my BM's to get their hair done. Besides, a few of them weren't really the type to get their hair done, so they just did it themselves. Two of them got it done professionally. I told them to wear it how they felt comfortable as long as it looked nice. I knew all of them had good taste, so I wasn't much worried about it.
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  • I really wanted my 9 BM's to wear their hair up, since mine was going to be part down. I felt weird about making this request without paying, so after going back and fourth in my head I just figured I would pay. It was a lot of fun for the girls the morning off, and really nice that they didn't have to worry about the cost. It was only $65 per girl, and well worth it especially since they all spent so much on me at the shower, bach party, wedding gift, and of course their dress. It was a small price to pay.

    If you don't pay, then some of the girls might not even get their hair done, and if thats okay with you then that is what you should do!
  • And for make-up, my college girl friend came to the salon and did all the girls make up that wanted it done. It was great! She did the make-up as part of her gift to us. 
  • Up to you, however, if you dictate color/style/etc, then you have to pay. If you aren't worried and think your BMs can make decisions on their own, then they can pay for it. If you want to give it as a gift, that's great; or you can provide the opportunity for the service that's great too.
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    I paid for my BMs hair and makeup--but I only had two and they were my daughter and sister.  I wanted them to be pampered along with me and for us all to get ready at the hotel together.

    It is a nice gesture but certainly not a requirement.  Just let them know who you are using and how much it will be and let them decide whether they want to do it or not.  If you do pay for it, it should not be counted as their gift however.  They should still be given a personal gift as well.

    And like the PP have said, if you are requiring that they have their hair and makeup professionally done or are requesting a certain style, in that case you must pay for it.
  • yep, agree with PP. if you require it, you pay. im not requiring, but they all want their hair done. im not requiring it, but i told them i would set up the appointment for them. i told them that if they wanted their hair and airbrush makeup done to tell me and i would put them on the list, and they all want it done.
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