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taking out my nose ring...advice to help it heal?

Hey dolls! My wedding isn't until July but I'm getting a beauty jump-start. I want to be more natural--not just because of my upcoming wedding, but it's a good place to start. I'm taking the natural steps of drinking more water, working out more, using moisturizer daily, etc, but I'm taking it a step further.

For one, I've had my fake nails removed in hopes that my natural nails will grow out and be healthy in time. I'm also going to have my hair dyed closer to my natural color so that the grow-out won't be so dramatic. Lastly, I just took out my nose ring (literally like 5 minutes ago). It was a tiny little thing and I know I could have worn a clear one on my Big Day, but I want it OUT. Anyway, there's no nasty stuff coming out or anything, just a hole and a dimple that I would like to get rid of. Does anyone have any suggestions to help it heal nicely and quickly?

Thanks so much, I can't wait to get your advice!

Re: taking out my nose ring...advice to help it heal?

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    Thank you so much! I've had it since last 8 or 9 months now? That gives me hope though that it will go away without any lasting issues. Thanks again!
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    When I got mine done, to heal it they told me to soak it in a sea salt bath for 5 - 10 minuetes a day. This might be the same for trying to heal it as it closes but I;m not sure. I'd bet if you called a tattoo shop, they'd tell you exactly what you need to do, if there's anything. 
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    I agree with above...I had mine for a decade, and took it out a couple of years ago.  I have a 'dimple' on my nose that you can see if you've close-basically, only my fiance and mother ever see it :) BUT, it is definitely there.  Don't worry - it won't show in any photos, and most people won't see it.
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    I had a nose ring for about 8 years. I took it out a few months ago and there's no sign of it. It will take a while before you can't see the 'dimple', but just give it time - it will heal fine and no one will notice.
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