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For those of you using the tanning booth

Hi there, just wondering, my wedding is in August and I started tanning in the booth, but Im not sure how often I should go? I was thinking twice a month, will that be enough to keep my glowing tan? Also any suggestions as to what to rub on before or after? Thanks

Re: For those of you using the tanning booth

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    You need a special lotion for use in a tanning beds--not a regular outdoor lotion or oil.  I recommend purchasing at your tanning salon.  If you aren't ready to spend $30 on a bottle of lotion, try the little trial packets until you find something you like.
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    Try the european gold brand from wal mart... you'll find it with other lotions usually on the very top or bottom...It's the same that you'd buy at a salon but about $8 for the same size.  It works great!  It is made for indoor tanning.
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    ooooh thanks MBS0310, Im gonna try that one :)
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:358Discussion:90f60517-c7af-4c50-a66f-2e55245ef198Post:257d74a5-f5a7-488a-82f5-015ebd552b41">Re: For those of you using the tanning booth</a>:
    [QUOTE]I would say not go at all.  Tanning beds are very bad for your skin.  All tanning (whether in tanning beds or from the sun) is a sign of skin damage. (Climbs off soap box)
    Posted by Hays2be[/QUOTE]

    THIS!!!! My 32 year old sister has had melanoma twice. She's tan though.
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