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Straight hair with curled hairstyle

I have long, straight, heavy hair, and I really want a half up, half down curly hairstyle, like this:



I want to make sure the curl holds all day, does anyone have recs for good products that will hold the curl but still let my hair be soft and touchable?

Re: Straight hair with curled hairstyle

  • Hi! Are you planning to do your own hair? Unforunately your image didn't work, so maybe you can try reloading it or post a full URL to the pic.

    If you're doing your own hair, I recommend practicing several times to get the curls how you want. I have hard to curl hair and wet-set rollers are the way to go.

    I use these rollers:,default,pd.html
    My hair is thin, so I only need one package.

    My stylist recommended Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus (mousse) and Dense (spray) for my roller sets.
    Start with wet hair.
    Spray the mousse on your roots.
    Spray "Dense" on the rest. If your hair tangles easily, do this section by section.
    Roll hair on the curlers.
    Keep them in until your hair is completely dry and as long as possible (I just sleep in them overnight).

    Voila! Curly hair! Spray with hairspray when you're done styling.

    If you use too much product, your hair will be crunchy. Too little and it won't hold, so this does require some experimentation.

  • I have super straight long hair and had a half up/half down style on my engagement party. My hair usually doesn't keep curls for long when I do it myself. The hairstylist used a narrow flat iron to curl and some products.
    I think the secret was that she recommended not washing my hair beforehand. I actually hadn't washed my hair for 2 days before and had planned on having her wash it but she said curls, updos, etc just hold better on "dirty" hair. I was a litle skeeved out at first by the idea but agreed and am glad I did!
  • Oh you people with straight hair, how I envy you in every day life.  I may have the edge on you for formal events, but I'd trade any day. 
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  • Hey Leia i basically do the same as you

    I use T-Shirt strips and i put them up mid-day right after my shower  and i put wave hair style stuff in and i roll them up and let them dry all day and night and i make sure they are kinda tight  then when im almost done with my mornign routine i let all the t shirt strips out and i spray and spray and spray with hair spray

    and i hope that it works

    my hair doesnt do anything except lay so i usually bring a small bottle of spray with me and i spritz if i need to
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