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dyed shoes

So I got my shoes dyed at David's Bridal. Needless to say.. they royally screwed up the dye job. There are parts darker than others and they didn't care to mention to me earlier that the dye would make the glue under the rhinestones show up! The shoes now looks like something a teen would wear to a sweet 16 party :(

I was really mad for about 3 hours today and then I ordered some new shoes online that I love and I have decided to just keep them white.

Then it just dawned on me.. I can wear the dyed shoes for the reception because no one will be able to see the flaw's in the darker light! Plus, with my shoes dyed fuschia and looking more like a "party shoe", it works out!

I just wanted to share because I went from a dumpy mood to a great one.

Anyone else switching up an accessory or dress for the reception?
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