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Skin Blemishes--DermaTend? Dermatologist?

Hey everyone! I have a question about mole removal. I have a bunch of small (some raised, some flat) moles on my face, neck, arms, and stomach that I would LOVE to get rid of before the wedding. I was wondering if anyone here has tried DermaTend. I heard that it was helpful for removing moles without leaving scares, but I am a real skeptic when it comes to this stuff. None of them look "cancerous" or anything. I had one removed on my shoulder a couple of years ago, and it left a scar and a spot where the mole partially returned (although it's a whole lot less noticeable than before!).

I'm wearing a beautiful strapless dress in our wedding, and I want the eyes of our guests, and my FI in the right places. ;) Thanks, ladies!
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