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glasses for ceremony?

Hi! I am completely blind and wear glasses everyday. I've worn contacts in the past, but for the last several years, and the whole time my fiance and I have been together I've worn exclusively glasses. I've thought about getting contacts for the ceremony, but my fiance told me he loves how I look when I look like me, with glasses. I'm also much more comfortable, both feeling like me and physical comfort, in glasses, but I haven't seen any wedding pictures with a bride in glasses (which is surprising considering I live in Portland OR :) ). Is it okay to get married in glasses? If i wear glasses, does anyone have any suggestions on how to still make my eyes "pop"? Or what kind of glasses I should wear? (I would hate to look back 30 years from now and be like, why in the world would I wear giant grandma frames for my wedding?!)

Thanks so much for any advice!
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