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3 hair trials and running out of time (pic heavy0

Hi ladies,

I am hoping some unbiased perspective can help me out a little. My wedding is literally 2 months from today and after 3 hair trials with my regular hair stylist (who specializes in updos/formals) I am just not happy with any of these.

Originally I wanted a half up/down do with flowy curls but I am a bit concerned about heat and humidity the day of. So I have 2 trials for this style, one without extensions one with:

What I don't like: too poofy at the top and the curls make my hair too short obviously, but I do like how she sweeped hair across the front to hide my forehead a bit and the curls aren't too spiraly tight.

Onto #2:

What I don't like about this one: curls are too spiraly, and the extensions are too long (she could cut them and said she would, but then didn't the day of my trial) plus this style just looks unnatural on me b/c my hair will never be this long it grows too slow. It also lacks shine and movement and is too "princsesy". My dress is a fit n flare and has a very pretty back with buttons down the back and is very sophisticated, this style would kinda hide the back and not mesh with the sophisticated look and I wasn't down with that). Plus major forehead!

So for #3 I tried it up and it was just kinda meh. Keep in mind no makeup on here  but even when I went home and put makeup on I still wasn't feeling it.

What I don't like about this: my forehead looks huge, the pieces hanging in front got stringy really fast, the curls in the bottom of the do fell out about 45 minutes later, and the pics really started to hurt throughout the day.

I didn't show these but I have an almost fingertip length veil and a gorgeous feather fascinator. I did bring photos of styles I liked with me and I feel they either didn't translate well on me, or she didn't recreate them to my liking.

Any suggestions for different styles, etc. are very welcome. I am starting to get very nervous!  Thanks and sorry this is so long!

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Re: 3 hair trials and running out of time (pic heavy0

  • You look good in all three.   I think you are being overly critical of yourself.  #1 is my personal favorite.  I would amend #1 just a little by asking for more spirally curls at the front framing your face.   

  • I like number two the best. Cutting extensions are very easy!
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    Ok, I will comment on #2 first--this was very similar to my first trial.  Extensions too tight, too much forehead.

    So I simply had her tweak it on the wedding day -- looser curls, more bangs.

    So you could definitely tweak this further if you wanted to.

    However, if you feel the extensions are "too much," then don't do them.  Although I think they look gorgeous, you still want to look and feel like yourself and that is understandable.  I think you could tone the bump down on #1 and it would be lovely and it wouldn't hide the back of your dress.  You could slip off the veil and just wear the fascinator for the reception and Voila!  If you wanted to have shorter extensions for a little more length, then that is also an option.
  • I personally liked the 2nd photo with your hair half up with the extensions but i suggest cutting them some so they aren't so long.
  • Almost everything in #2 is fixable.  You can use fewer extensions and cut them to make them more natural looking.  (For the record, if you hadn't shown us the first pic, I never would have known that wasn't your real hair.)  The bangs can cover more forehead.  The curls will relax some throughout the day.

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    I like #1, but with less of a bump at the back.  The rest looks really good, but I'm so over the bumped up big hair thing.
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  • I agree with J&K. I really like #2. Cut the extensions, brush out the curls a little, and bring the bangs further forward. I think you'll like it a lot better with just a few tweaks.

    If you want a little more sophistication, maybe pull more of the hair back so the look is sleeker.
  • All three are beautiful!  If you really want something classy to go with your look and show off the back of your dress, I would go with #1.  No extensions necessary, I think it looks very classy and pretty.  Best of luck!
  • Ladies- I can't thank you enough for weighing in :)

    I agree with kind of doing a combo of 1 and 2 and tweaking: more bang, shorten the extensions, loosen the curls, and down with the bump. 

    Stephiehall- thanks for posting your pics, you def made me feel less neurotic! And is it ok if I borrow your wedding day pic to show my stylist- that's the direction I want to do in! Also, do you have side bangs?

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  • I love number 1 and 2 - you look great and your forehead does NOT look big :)
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    [QUOTE]Ladies- I can't thank you enough for weighing in :) I agree with kind of doing a <strong>combo of 1 and 2 and tweaking: more bang, shorten the extensions, loosen the curls, and down with the bump. </strong> Stephiehall- thanks for posting your pics, you def made me feel less neurotic! And is it ok if I borrow your wedding day pic to show my stylist- that's the direction I want to do in! Also, do you have side bangs?
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    I did most of these things and was very happy on my wedding day.  I definitely think you can tweak it and it will look great.  And yes, I have side bangs--they were a little shorter for my wedding than I sometimes have them.  Feel free to use anything that is helpful!
  • I really like #1! Good luck!
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  • #1 looks too much like every day hair from the front, but I love the back!! And i totally understand not wanting it to be too unatural in terms of the fact that your hair will never be that long. But, #2 is absolutly beautiful (they all are! you have beautiful hair!).
    I like #3 the best probably, out of all of them. However, I feel like something else in the front would make it better, and make it so your bangs don't get greasy...what about a deeper side part and have it sweep across your forehead and be secured very well? No loose peices or curls in front? I love the back of #3 and it sounds like it would align with the style of your dress.
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  • If you think that #1 is too short, I would ask your stylist to add the extensions but cut them so that when they are curled, they sit about collar bone length.  Then ask for the height of the second style, with the bangs of the first, and soft loose curls, not quite so spiraly.  To me, that sounds like the style you are looking for.

    If you are worried about things being too hot, you could always bring a little container with some extra hair clips or bobby pins and ask a talented bridesmaid or family member to help pin up the curls that are down part of the way through the reception if you get hot.  The front will stay the way you like it, it will just get the hair off your neck.
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  • I love 1 & 2. I think that everything wrong with both of them can be adjusted no problem. Basically exactly what Stephie said. I didn't love my hair trail but I had her fix everything I didn't like on the day and I love the way it turned out. So don't stress!

    Hair Trial

    the back was kind of messy and the top looked "helmet like" to me

    I asked for more volume and larger curls.

    Everything can be adjusted!

  • I love the idea of doing extensions, but can someone explain the different types of extensions? In San Francisco, I have only seen/heard of the semi-permanent ones that cost $1200+ . 
    Stephanie, are these the same as what you did? Or are there temporary ones that you can do for a day? 

    OP, your hair is gorgeous. I like #2!
  • Hair extensions can be bought at a beauty supply store such as Sally's or Ulta.  They are typically clip in and can range from 50 to 100 dollars or more.  The nicer extensions are made of human hair and can be dyed or cut to match up with your hair color or length.  You can also purchase them at a variety of lengths.  They are awesome if you have fine hair like mine of hair that takes forever to grow, like mine :-)
  • I personally love #1.  So pretty!!
  • I like 1 and 3. The 2nd one not too crazy about. Good luck finding a hairstyle that suits you and you love.

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