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Hi everyone,
So, I am getting married THIS Saturday.  I went today to have my eyebrows waxed, and since I've done it a few times before, I didn't think anything about it.  However, the woman obviously didn't realize how HOT her wax was.  Initially, the wax didn't feel bad...I just kinda felt like it was going normally.  When she finished, I was having alot more pain than usual, and the skin that she had waxed was starting to swell.  I kinda blew it off, figuring it'd calm down, and I'd be ok.  Well, about 12 hours later, I have obviously been burned.  The areas around my eyebrows are BRIGHT red, and they feel very raw.  I am not sure if anyone can help me with this, but I'm worried I'll blister/peel or something.  I'm doing my best to stay calm right now.  If any of you have advice for me, I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks so much! :)

Re: BAD BAD Wax Job...HELP!

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