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Acne and scars

I have tried everything from proactive to a dermatologist to micro dermabration and many of sephora's products that swear to help you with acne problems. Nothing has worked. I want to look great on my wedding but I hate my skin and im depressed about it. Does anyone know of something that would really work. My acne is not horrible is mostly scars and I get pimples only around my time of the month. I want to get rid of scars cause they are dark and is hard to cover them even with the best concealers 

Re: Acne and scars

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    I would try another dermatologist if the first one didn't help you out enough.  For dark scars, a bleaching cream might work (hydroquinone), but it usually takes months if not longer to see results.  Overuse of hydroquinone can have bad side effects though so it should only be used under a doctor's supervision. 

    Have you tried a deep chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid?  I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm thinking that maybe a GA peel might do wonders.  Again, you would have to go to a doctor's office for that because it can have serious side effects if not done properly (as in, it could burn your face off... not to scare you or anything lol). 

    There are plenty of thick concealers out there so there has to be something available that will cover them.  Have you tried Dermablend?  What about a medical grade makeup?  Those are made to cover burn scars so I'd imagine they'd be more than heavy enough for acne scars.  
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    I second going to a new dermatologist. A good dermatologist is a life saver.  I am using Retina and second type of cream for spot treatments.  The Retina is get for skin turnover and reducing the visibility of scars as well as preventing acme. 

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    I take fish oil, zinc, and folic acid everyday.  My dermatologist recomended this for mild acne, and it has worked great!  I've been taking it for about a year and a half now, but I saw results within a few months.  I feel that it's helped with the scaring also and it's allowed me to stop wearing heavy make up and use only a light mineral makeup.

    I highly recomend it, its easy and cheap, and there are other benefits to these vitamins as well.
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    I have tried much that does not work for acne as well.

    I have found that Retin A is one thing that works (it hasn't been perfect, but I think it makes some difference). You have to get a prescription for it and you can also get a cheaper generic version when you go the the pharmacy.

    Aveda's Outer Peace line is also something to use on a daily basis.

    I wish you the best of luck!
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    I agree with PP...try a new dermatologist.  Also, I have used Retina A but didn't find much success because it over dried my skin, I couldn't find a balance that wouldn't cause my skin to get all dry but still allow the med to do it's job.  So my dermatologist put my on's a similair formula but doesn't dry your skin out quite so much and it's worked wonders!!  I'm off the regimen now, but keep a tube in my bathroom for flair ups.  Also, are you taking birth control?  Maybe talk to your doctor about switching to a low hormone b.c. if you aren't already. 
    I also recommend a pore refining mask - I use the one by Burt's Bee's, I LOVE it!  It has worked wonders, but use it at night because I find if I have a break out when I use it, it makes it look worse...but that's short term when I wake up in the morning it looks better!  First, though, I recommend seeing another dermatologist or even the same one...everyone's acne is different so not all regimens will work on everyone.  Making your dermatologist aware that what he/she perscribed you isn't working isn't going to hurt their feelings..they need to know that!  But the biggest thing is don't touch your face, don't pick at the scabs, don't pop/pick at the pimples!! I know you've probably heard it a million times, but the importance can't be stressed enough.  Good luck! Hope you find something that works!
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    I am using Retin A and a Bacterial Antibiotic and it is helping.

    It's expensive, but they have laser treatments to help with the scarring. My cousin did it and it made a big difference. You can get it done at a Dermatologist or American Laser Center.
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    If you want to have a major difference, I would strongly suggest a laser by a good derm (make sure it a physician adminstering).  Quite frankly, all the topicals in the world are not going to compare to what a laser can do.  Expensive?  Yes, but you will see a very real change in appearance.
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    I work with a lot of girls who are "all natural and organic" and they swear by virgin coconut oil. Google it. Some of the stuff I've read is pretty convincing.
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