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DIY pocket folder invites HELP

Ok so My Fiance and I have been looking at invitations and we came across the "HOT NEW INVITES' . Pocket folders! They are so cool! We love them! BUT.....we have encountered a problem! It seems as though the actual pocket folder IS  an actual SELF MAILER! Has anyone else come across this problem? I would love to do these but personally I think its "tacky" to use the actual pocket folders as the envelope! What are your thoughts!?!?!?!  


Re: DIY pocket folder invites HELP

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    I used pocketfolds and bought envelopes to go over them.  I never thought they could serve as actual mailers....

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    Where did you see the ones with the Self Mailers?  My sister was actually looking for some for a different purpose and I couldn't find them besides the Bride's one they have at Michaels.

    I helped my brother use the ones from Mariah's suggestions as well.  The ones he used wouldn't have worked as self mailers either.  We purchased outer envelopes also.
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