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Honored to have Dad walk me down the aisle - but would like an alternative to being "given away

Me and My dad are very close and I love and cherish our relationship and am honored to have him walk me down the aisle.  However I've never been his "property" and have been on my own for over a decade now.   What is something that is very special and sweet that the officiant could say in place of who gives this bride away?


Re: Honored to have Dad walk me down the aisle - but would like an alternative to being "given away

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    Who supports the marriage of this woman to this man? and then all parents (both bride's and groom's) and/or all of the guests can answer.

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    When the priest asks who gives you to your FI you can answer "I give myself" that's what I plan to do.
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    Our officiant didn't actually say anything about it.  Dad gave me a kiss, shook DH's hand, and took his spot.
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    My dad was adamant. "I want my line!!"  So we had our pastor ask "who blesses and supports this marriage?" and my dad answered "their parents do."
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    Talk to the officiant and see if there is anything else that he/she has ever used.  I'm sure you are not the first person to ask this question, and they should have some options.
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    It's not a required line.

    I'm in favour of not saying it at all - dad walks you up, shakes the hand of the groom and/or pat on the back/hug, and gives your arm to the groom.  Music is playing, if dad says something to the groom at that point (congratulations, whatever) that is up to him, the guests don't have to be privy to it, it can br a private moment.  Then the service continues.
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    Just don't have the officiant say anything.  Your dad can walk you down the aisle to your groom and then go to his seat.  Just omit the question entirely.
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    in the same boat here, i'll probably have him just walk me down, kiss my cheek, and sit down... just leave the line out entirely. if you want something said though i like the suggestions above also.
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    I had actually been thinking about this also. Thanks for the post! I think I like the idea of it being a private moment. :)
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    Walk alone or walk with your fiance.
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    I have a huge issue with being given away but I did want my parents to participate in some way.  Both of my parents are walking me down the aisle.  My FH is also walking down the aisle with his parents (so he is being "given away" too- not just me like I am cattle!) We aren't having the officiant say anything.  Hugs all around and then my folks will be seated. 

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    Nothing needs to be said - not sure what type of ceremony you are having but, I know it's not part of the Catholic ceremony. My father just shook my husband's hand and hugged and kissed me on the cheek. If your father is adamant about having a line - I agree with pp about "supporting and blessing the marriage", but I'd likely include all parents in that....
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