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"The Lock" Egyptian Ring Tradition

So first of all let me stress that from the conversation I've had with my fiancee I'm not sure if this is an Egyptian or Muslim or what kind of a tradition it is but he has been telling me that "In Egypt" (as he always starts) they have a 3rd ring in the ceremony that goes on top of the wedding band and engagement ring to be the "lock",Does anyone know anything about this tradition, I can't find anything online and the only thing I can find on jewelers websites are enhancers which do go on both sides or one side but I'm fairly sure this isn't the same thing.

Re: "The Lock" Egyptian Ring Tradition

  • this is a swedish tradition, to have 3 rings.  The third ring symbolizes motherhood but is traditionally given on the wedding day.  We are toying with the idea, but would just get two wedding bands and have one above my ering and one below
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