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having a special reading by a friend

Anyone has any ideas? I have a couple of ideas for the wedding ceremony and wanted to have a friend do a wedding reading either poem or scripture? Not sure? Any ideas? I also wanted possible something in Spanish? PLease help

Re: having a special reading by a friend

  • My fiance is Puerto Rican, so I am trying to incorporate Spanish into our ceremony as well. I am thinking of either having 2 ministers, one in English, one in Spanish; doing a short English ceremony followed immediately by the ceremony repeated in Spanish; or me reading my vows in Spanish (to show my acceptance of his family's culture) and him reading his vows to me in English. Some people have mentioned that if there are guests who don't understand Spanish, they may be uncomfortable with vows said in Spanish, but FI and I have agreed that we are the ones who need to understand what is said, so if that's what we decide to do, everyone else will just need to accept it. Hope this helped some! Good luck!
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