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Hotel Block - Questions for vendor

Hey ladies, quick Q for you -

When you booked your hotel block, what questions did you ask or wish you had asked your hotel? 

We have a meeting set up tomorrow and I feel like I am missing something.  Here is what I have so far:

1.) What is the process/minimums/deposit involved with booking room blocks?
2.) What is the earliest we can book blocks?
3.) Do you have a shuttle on weekends that could take guests to and from our venue to promote less drinking/driving to keep our guests safe? If it doesn't run on Saturday, is there a fee/package we could work out with you/driver to accommodate this?
4.) Would you allow us to leave (or have you leave) wedding guest welcome gifts in the rooms of those who are coming in from out of town? (Basket of snacks, personalized bottled water, maps, things to do, etc)

Re: Hotel Block - Questions for vendor

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    The big question for me, since hotels vary, is what amount you would have to pay up front, if any and if not all the rooms are blocked, are you responsible for the tab and if so, how much is it.
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    My biggest concern was the discount offerred only if a certain number of rooms were reserved.  I looked at one hotel who offered a discounted rate, but if a minimum of 15 rooms were not reserved, then those who did reserve would be charged the full rate.
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    Just did this and you should definetly check what the deadline date people can book until is. Good luck!
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    Agree with PP, ask about any extras.  Some hotels will offer one free room for every 15 - 25 booked (depends on the deal).  Also, will they offer a bridal suite upgrade is another good question to ask. Also, ask what the discounted rate would be for upgraded rooms (i.e. suites) as some of your guests with families will likely want a suite to accomodate the entire family.
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