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Invited to Reception only- Gift?

We were invited to a wedding reception this weekend. We were not invited to the ceremony or dinner. The reception is for a friend of a friend. We've known the groom for 2 or 3 years and been to parties at his house, but never hung out with the couple one-on-one. We always see them along with another couple who we are both close friends with. What is an appropriate gift? Money- how much? Thanks for your help!

Re: Invited to Reception only- Gift?

  • Strange... i would just give a card that said Congrats! If they are only a friend of a friend are you going just for the free drinks? Was the wedding a DW or something? Or were they rude & did the tiered invite?

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  • You weren't invited to the dinner or the ceremony?  Yeah, you are a second tier guest.  It's just a gift grab.  This is really rude.I'd skip it and the gift. 
  • Gifts are never required  buit always lovely. If you want to get something I woudl buy off the registry if they have one and give cash if they do not. However the amount of money spent on gift is based upon your budget and how close you are to teh couple. If you are warren buffet rich and very close your should give more then churchmice poor and not really close
  • So technically they only invited you to dance, so you weren't invited to the ceremony and 1/2 the reception?No gift.  Card and that's it.
  • I would get a vard and that's it. I think it's really rude to invite you to just dancing.
  • Are you serious!?! That's crazy!! I would just bring a card, no gift. I feel like they're just trying to get a gift out of you and not have to pay for you to be there with dinner or anything. I feel like with a card, it shows you thought about them! If you feel like you have to get them a gift i would suggest a 10 dollar Blockbuster gift card or something!!
  • a gift is only required if your invited to dinner because its like your "helping to pay for it" it would say since your only invited to the ceremony which ive Never heard of in the United States lol (im greek and in greece they acutally do this but i dont know why-prob has to do with money) but the only thing if anythign like others have said just give a card that says congrats....

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