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Garter/bouquet alternatives?

FI and I are not big fans of the garter fetching-and-tossing. We're looking for something we could do as a substitute.These are the possibilities we've come up with so far   -instead of the garter, groom takes off his tie and tosses it   -no tossing of anything; instead, do quick Rock-Paper-Scissors contests with all the single guys/girlsAnyone have other ideas or fun things they've seen?

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Re: Garter/bouquet alternatives?

  • ditto stage.  Tossing a tie isn't going to be any more palatable than tossing a garter.  It's not WHAT'S being tossed~it's that SOMETHING is being tossed.And the rock-paper-scissors thing is just weird.
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  • I am also skipping this akward garter and bouquet toss and instead giving the items to the couple who has been married the longest. 
  • I had no idea so many people did not like the bouquet/garter toss tradition! Even as a single gal I always found both to just be something silly and fun. I loved trying to catch the bouquet at weddings (I caught it at my friend's wedding last summer, and it turns out I'm the next one getting married haha)I haven't decided if I'm going to do them at my wedding. I do like the idea of the anniversary dance. It seems pretty romantic.
  • I don't like the idea of the garter toss - it's too raunchy for me, and there aren't enough single women in my family to make a bouquet toss worth it, so we are skipping both. Becuse we needed something to do, we are going to have all the married couples come onto the dance floor and dance, and the DJ will dismiss them by the length of time they have been married (ie less than a year leave the dance floor, less than five years leave the dance floo, etc) and when the final longest married couple is left, they give advice to the newlyweds. With that and the cake cutting and the father/daughter, mother/son dances and our first dance, we felt there was enough to entertain everyone until the dancing started and the older crowd went home.
  • ditto skipping. this is NOT one of my favorite parts of a wedding and I'm seriously considering skipping this part.

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  • I'm skipping the toss b/c I think that it's demeaning to single women. I refuse to toss a bouquet through the air and have my single friends fight over it like fools to be "fortunate" enough to have someone "choose" them for life. To me, it's ridiculous and just confirms the notion that women are not whole unless some man picks them. I'm over it, and was over it when I was single. So what if they happen to stay single, and never get married?  Nothing wrong with that. (shrug)
  • We're skipping it. Skipping the bouquet toss too. At weddings, I hate having to stand up and pretend like I want the bouquet, so I'm not doing it.
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  • I've seen a wedding where men and woman went after the bouquet. No Garter, because it represents men=sex. When the woman and men fight to get married, it's just fun. Gay couples can do it too, which can represent the future chance to get married.The anniversary dance can count as years together PERIOD. That way, everybody is happy. The day is about love, so this dance is nice to do.I personally find the garter toss to be kinda sexist and embarrassing.
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