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Father/Daughter Dance Song...SAD!!

Hey Girls! I sent out one of those quizzes on email to a bunch of people (you know, what is your favorite this, when did you last do that, etc.) One of the questions on there was, "What was the last song that made you cry?" And my Dad's response was, "Butterfly Kisses." Ever since that song came out a long time ago, it has brought tears to my Dad's eyes and an emotional lump to his throat!! I can just picture him sitting in front of the computer all alone listening to it and it breaks my heart!! :( He raised my brother and I on his own...My Dad has been my best friend and greatest champion my whole life... Since this song is so special to him, it will be ours for the Father/Daughter dance and I KNOW it is going to be the saddest part of the day. ;) Total heartbreaker. Obviously there is nothing that we, as Brides (or any adult really), can do to replace "us" as the children we were in our parent's lives when we were all younger, but what do you think I/(any bride) could do that would just be extra special on our Wedding day and really warm our Daddy's hearts?!?!? Thanks, girlies!! P.S. My Dad LOVES my fiance and has no reservations regarding "giving me away."

Re: Father/Daughter Dance Song...SAD!!

  • If my Daddy were still alive, I'd have had him walk me down the aisle at the moment that Bob Carlisle sings, "Walk me down the aisle, Daddy... Daddy, don't cry!" I think whatever you do, it's going to be a very special day for all of you. :)
  • Swab: I was going to do Cinderella as well, as my stepdad and fiance didn't get along so well when we first started dating. We've decided on "Help You Find Your Wings" by Mark Harris. I heard that song on the radio a few years ago and made a comment to my mom that I wanted to dance with him to it. When my stepsister got married, that was the song she played. When he got up to dance with her to it he came up behind me, threw his arms around me and said he'd dance with me to it when I got married. For my dad, I'm dancing with him to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland. Both men are walking me down the aisle.
  • I'm dancing with my dad to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland. It is so sweet and a total tear-jerker. From the first time I heard this song I knew it was the one!
  • I think i read your question to ask what extra special thing you could do for your dad, right ? I am definintely a daddy's girl, and we arent' really mushy, but I would probably give him a picture frame or a locket keychain with a pic of us together when I was a baby and a pic of us together as an adult, with a heartfelt letter about how much he means to me. My dad works on a barge and is gone for 2 months at a time. he still keeps baby pictures of me and my sisters in his bag, like he used to do when he was 7and7 working offshore when we were little. I know he would appreciate a new picture.
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  • Oh, and I have a friend who is a single dad, and he would absolutely melt if his daughter did that for him.
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