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Is Ballroom Dancing a Tradition?

I've been reading about couples getting ballroom dancing lessons.  Um, is FH and I supposed to ballroom dance as our first dance?  When does ballroom dancing come into play?  Seems awfully boring to me.  If we didn't do it, would it be way weird?

Re: Is Ballroom Dancing a Tradition?

  • It certainly is not a requirement. We didn't do it and neither one of us could be considered anywhere near competent when it comes to dancing. Where did you read about this being some sort of tradition? I had a friend that did a waltz for her first dance and to be honest, it looked like two strangers dancing. They were so worried about their steps and choreography that they forgot to enjoy themselves. It had no meaning behind it and I found it pretty boring to watch and listen to.
  • I never read anything about it being a tradition.  I just figured that it must be since everyone is talking about getting ballroom dancing lessons.  I'm at a loss about it myself.  I love to dance but never envisioned myself ballroom dancing at my wedding so I'm trying to figure out whether it really is a tradition and what it's all about.  Seems odd that young people would be doing this type of dancing so I figured that it must be some sort of intentional something that is a tradition, otherwise, why is everyone ballroom dancing.  Who does that?
  • I'm wondering if they're saying "ballroom dancing" but mean other types of dance classes, too?  The place I learned my Swing and Salsa from was called something like "ballroom dancing lessons for you!"   And it might be that the couples figure it will be something fun for them to do together before the wedding.  I would much rather see a couple have fun than try to count out their steps.  But on the other hand, if they feel uncomfortable doing ANY kind of dancing (as my DH does) it might be the way to go. 
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  • I wouldn't say that's tradition at all.  In fact, I've never seen a bride and groom do that in real life.  I think that's just one of those things people do after watching too many reality wedding tv shows and spending too much time on the  Knot.
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  • I don't think this is all that new.  I did this with my first husband in 1985, and LOTS of the couples we knew at the time did the same thing for their weddings.  So, this is something that many couples have been doing for at least 25 years. 
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  • We plan on taking dance lesssons. With that said we're not learning a choreographed dance like you would see on Dancing With the Stars. We plan on winging it. We just wanted to be able to do some proper steps & spins so we're not just swaying back and forth on the dance floor. Just want to keep it a little more interesting for the people who have to watch us.  
  • Nah. I'm probably not doing a "first dance" or "father/daughter dance." I'm thinking about doing karaoke instead.
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  • I <3 Seabass- I agree, that seems like the best idea. I keep talking to my man about that. Or we should practice some moves  by ourseleves at least.
  • It isn't a tradition. Most couples that take lessons just do so to feel more comfortable on the dance floor with each other since EVERYONE will be watching. Not many people dance for an audience on a regular basis.
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  • We are thinking of taking some salsa classes before the wedding, but certainly are not going to plan to do that sort of dance. (unless something changes). We dance pretty well together, and us being us, we'll probably end up just being funny about the whole thing and have a good time.

  • FI and I are going to take dancing lessons, but we haven't decided what kind yet.  It's not for the first dance b/c FI decided on "you have stolen by heart" which doesn't really fit with any kind of dancing I can think of.  We're planning on quite a bit of Frank Sinatra, so we'll prbably do something that would be good for his songs.
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