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Who Pays For Wedding, etc...?

I know that most couples pay for their own wedding nowadays, but what was the previous tradition?  Was it that if the bride's family paid for the reception, the groom's family paid for something else?  Thanks for your help!

Re: Who Pays For Wedding, etc...?

  • The reception was paid for by the bride's family.  Groom paid for the officiant fees.  Groom's family paid for the rehearsal dinner.  The flowers were split up too, so that anything used for the reception was bride's parents, and they also paid for BM bouquets.  Groom's family paid for bride's bouquet. 
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  • And the groom always paid for the honeymoon. But nowadays it's usually both the couples because people share finances and have an equal say. Traditionally, a woman would probably not have had her own income and therefore no money to spend on the wedding.
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  • We are a team at this point.  We share in the financial responsibility, so we are using 'our' money to pay for everything.  If parents want to help that is great, but we aren't expecting anything.  Its our wedding so we are doing it the way we want, and also paying for it on our own as a team. 
  • Hmm, I guess I'm not too sure.  I thought that we were doing it pretty traditionaly by brides parents paying for everything except the rehersal dinner, that is taken care of by my grooms parents.
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