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Parents' Gifts?!

We're getting married in less than 3 weeks, and I have no idea what to get our parents. We're a little low on cash, following a job loss and buying a new house. I'm also stumped on what to get my folks. It's hard enough to buy them birthday/christmas gifts since they go out and get anything that they want. All of the shops recommend cheesy personalized gifts (no offense intended, but my parents would never use something like this). We thought about buying family portrait sessions, but isn't this going to be accomplished during the wedding? Suggestions and opinions welcomed.
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Re: Parents' Gifts?!

  • This might be totally off base, but I was thinking that I'd just have a good photo enlarged and framed after the wedding and give it to all 3 sets of parents (my 2, fiance's 1). That should also buy you some time to get money together for it. Unless you think they'll expect something the day of.
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  • If you're low on cash you can see if your bank card has any reward points. You may have a couple hundred or even a couple thousand points that you can use to purchase them something for little or no money at all.

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  • As a fmil, I really don't want or need a gift.  What would be so special is a few words in a card.--that is, if they are heartfelt.  Were/are your parents there for you and have they given you love and support?  If so, let them know.  It would be nice to know that the love and care has been appreciated.  I know all parents aren't perfect, but there is probably one thing you could relate in a card to them.
  • And it's no/low cost and priceless to your prarents!  Plus you can take care of the note well in advance of your wedding, when you have time.
  • DD's reception is in 2 days.  I agree with the pp, I don't really want or need anything, other than for her to say "I loved it, mom!  Thank you so much!"  And mean it.  Even if some of the little things don't go exactly as she intends. 
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  • ditto suds and handfast.  Write your parents a heartfelt note:  handwritten, not typed.  Tell them how much their support has meant to you over the years.  Give a specific example of something that is most meaningful to you. My children did that for us at their college graduations, and nothing in the world has been more meaningful to me than those letters.If you feel that you must give something tangible, how about getting a double photo frame.  On one side put a picture of you and your parents at a special time earlier in your life:  the day you were born, your baptism, your first day of school, a get the idea.Put that photo on one side of the frame.  On the other, write a note that says you'll be filling that side with a picture of the 3 of you on your wedding day.  And then be sure to have that special photo taken.
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  • ditto suds, fast and trix but... my daughter is doing them and mine is actually a song at the reception that I love (and she hates). So they decided to do a song for each set of parents. Free, and honors them at the reception. !
  • For one of the gifts, we got our parents these cute handkerchiefs from ETSY. They are very sentimental and for $64 for all 4 parents, they are affordable.
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  • we got a frame engaved for our parents with our names and wedding date and then after the wedding we let them pick which picture and we ordered it for them.
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