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Bad Luck to wear divorced mom's wedding gown and ring?

My parents were divorced when I was 16. I have always wanted to repurpose my mom's lace gown into something that would suit me. Also, my mom recently reminded me that I inherit her engagement ring, wedding band, and anniversary ring (they have been "welded" together). She then told me that if I didn't want them she would melt them into something for herself. I don't really know if I want to wear her exact setting but I also feel weird about her "regifting" it to herself after telling me that I was to recieve it. Is it bad luck to re-use anything from your divorced parents marriage? I'm not concerned so much about the dress but what are your opinions on the rings? I should mention that my parents had a happy marriage and an amicable divorce. They were married for 25 years, there was no adultry, no screaming, no abuse...my dad simply fell out of love after years of working out-of-town.

Re: Bad Luck to wear divorced mom's wedding gown and ring?

  • I think it is fine to reuse either the dress or jewlery assuming two things 1. your mom is willingly giving these items to you ( sounds like mom may want to rework the rings for herself which since the item is hers is totally acceptable) 2. you and your fi both have no reservations about it this reuse
  • My DH proposed with his divorced mother's engagement ring.  He wanted to buy me my own ring, but I still wear that as a right hand ring on special occassions, and wore it when I got married.  I don't believe in luck, so I don't care.  We've been married 6 months and nothing terrible has happened yet.
  • I'm wearing my mom's veil from her marriage to my dad.  They were married for 12 years.  I've been thinking of ways to repurpose her dress into a rehearsal dinner dress or something.  I say go for it!
  • Stop and think about this:  how can you actually set yourself up for bad luck?  What is bad luck?  It is nothing.  It is a non-existent superstition.  There is NO such thing as bad luck! If you want to use the rings do so. 
  • I very much considered using my divorced mother's veil, and will probably use some lace from her dress and her mother's dress in my wedding, somehow. If you like the dress and rings, go for it.
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