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All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance... with Dad.

Any suggestions on how to handle a father/daughter AND a step-father/daughter dance? I love my Dad so very much. He and I have such a strong relationship and he has really proven to be a great Dad. My Step-Dad on the other hand... not so much. We've always had a rocky relationship. I absolutely despise him to the point of getting really tense and kind of panicky whenever he gets near, even today. BUT in the past year, I have been trying to get over my overall resentment of him and build some sort of cordial relationship with him. On his part, he's been really kind and nice, so I don't want to make it a weird ordeal when it comes time to my wedding and I exclude him from this tradition. He loves my FI and has been really cool and supportive of our relationship and I know it would mean everything to my Mom if I would dance with my Step-Dad. In the end, I just don't know how to handle this during the reception. "And now, the father/daughter dance... oh wait, there's more."??

Re: All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance... with Dad.

  • Well sometimes the father daughter dance doesn't go for the entire duration of the song, it's like one verse and the chorus, then the DJ might open up the floor to other couples.  So maybe do half the dance with dad, then have your step-dad request to step in and take over? 

    That way it's still just 1 song.
  • Yeah I wouldn't dance with your step-dad.  It's called the Father/Daughter dance, not the Step-Father/Daughter dance.  Sure there are situations where the step-dad is amazing and everything and that's great, but you have a less than stellar relationship with him.  Maybe you could dance with him later on but it certainly doesn't have to be a big production where the two of you get the whole dance floor.  Reserve that for your father.
  • Guests will politely sit through three spotlight dances.  Any more and you're killing the party.  By all means, dance with your stepdad, but don't clear the floor and stop everyone else's fun.
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  • In Response to Re: All she wants to do is dance, dance, dance... with Dad.:
    [QUOTE]My advice is don't dance with your step-dad.  I'm not dancing with mine.  He's a wonderful man and I love him but quite simply he's not my dad.  My father died so there won't be a father/daughter dance either.  Let me rephrase, I may dance with my step-dad at some point in the reception but there won't be a spotlight dance.
    Posted by mysticl[/QUOTE]

    I'm in the same situation... Curious, is your fiance doing a mother/son dance?
  • I peronally wouldn't.

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