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MIL watching me open gifts??

I have been lurking quite some time and have not seen this asked yet... My MIL asked FI if we were planning on having our parents over to watch us open our gifts the day after the wedding. She told him this was pretty traditional, but I've never heard of it. It makes me super uncomfortable, but he seems to think her feelings will be hurt if we don't do this. My questions is, has anyone ever heard of / done this after their wedding?

Re: MIL watching me open gifts??

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    I've never heard of it. But I will also feel a bit uncomfortable with it.
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    I've heard of it but would never in a million years want to do it. We opened our presents the day after the wedding (we took a delayed honeymoon) and had a nice, intimate time doing so, not with half a dozen people there. As people said, def. talk with you FI, tell him how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Perhaps, once everything is opened, you could still have your FIL over for a meal, show them the things you got?
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    My sister opened all their gifts and cards the wedding night after the guests left, so my family and the WP were still there.  The only reason they did this though is because they had to open cards to see if they got enough cash to get a hotel room for their wedding night......yeah....
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    I prefer to open gifts in private, but it's a tradition in my FI's family to open them in front of the family, and it's not something I feel strongly about, so its one of the "gives" on my end.

    We're going to host a breakfast for everyone who wants to come, and open gifts through the morning.  Those who want to come are welcome, those who don't, no hard feelings.
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    It's pretty common in my area for a nice brunch the next day with the BP, and immediate family (parents, siblings) to open presents.  It's nice to share with family what you got, rather than having to recite it several times when you are asked.

    Why does it make you feel uncomfortable, may I ask?
  • Options MIL is pushing for this and I am really really uncomfortable about it since his family is not even to put it nicely, waspy and full of giant snots who would make disparaging comments if they didnt like a gift or would comment on $$ spent...not sure how to get out of it yet but im sure trying!
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