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No bride's family?

My parents have pretty much disowned me and haven't wanted anything to do with me since I was 16. Its been rough trying to plan everything for the wedding and know that I wont get to do a lot of the things most brides get to do (father/daughter dance, for example). The more I get into the planning, the more awkward I feel about this. FI's family has been wonderful to me and have taken me into the family with open arms, but I still feel extremely sad when I come across all of the details that would have entailed my family's participation. Even when I went to pick out my dress, I couldn't even ask my mom to be there for this event. 

Now that we are about three months out, I'm not sure how to handle all of the smaller details that are coming up. I don't want it to be glaringly obvious that I don't have any family there, not just due to the lack of a father walking me down the aisle but also with having no family on the "bride's side" or a table for FI's family but not one for mine. I also want FI to be able to have the mother/son dance but I don't want it to point out that there isn't a father/daughter dance. There is also the fact that traditionally, the FOB will give a toast, should this be something I have someone else take care of? For all of the details that involve the FOB, should I talk to someone else to help with?  
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