July 2012 Weddings

Difficult family members/ guests?

Yesterday I finally sent out individual messages to OOT family members just to get an idea of who's planning to come and who isn't. My family is ENORMOUS and it just wasn't working including all of them on our guest list when only 5% of them might make the trip. And since they all pretend their email isn't working (cuz I've done this before with 0 responses) I had to resort to contacting them through FB messages ugh lol. I know it's not the most common thing to do, but we seriously need to know what plans are looking like. I'm sure I won't hear back from them for at least 3+ weeks cuz they like to avoid taking things seriously. Like the huge family reunion my dad and uncles recently organized for months and no one bothered to RSVP or respond until literally 2 days before. I'm foreseeing having tons of fun with RSVPs in the future haha. Anyone else suspect they'll be dealing with not so easy guests/ family members?
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