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So my grandfather is my life...he is my best friend, and Most Definitely the one walking me down the aisle. He practically raised me, and is the number one person I would drop my entire life for.

However, even though I am not super close (and my mother hates him), I still want my father there, especially since I'm inviting my younger brothers (20 & 16).

I also CANNOT stand my stepfather...He is only 12 years older than me, and feels more like an annoying PITA older brother in a way, but bossier and more "I'm better than you, I've done more than you," etc, blah blah blah!

UGH! Anyways, any suggestions on how to keep the peace in my family?? It's already going to be an issue because members of my family don't always get along....

Any help would be most awesomely appreciated :)
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