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Brides maids and no Best Man?

My fiance has moved around during his college years and has very few, if any, person he truly wants to ask to be his best man. I however went to school close-by and have multiple friends to be in the wedding party.

How do we balance it out? Who does he ask?

Re: Brides maids and no Best Man?

  • WPs are not about symmetry.  You ask your side, and he asks (or doesn't) ask his.  That's about it.
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  • If he has any female friends or family, he can also ask them to stand up for him.  Or he can have his father/grandfather/uncle as a best man.  But if he doesn't want any attendants, he doesn't need them.  You can still have as many bridesmaids as your little heart desires.
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  • He has to find someone to ask. Doesn't he have any friends or brothers?
  • I have the same situation, only in reverse:

    I don't have many (or any close) women friends.  I have only family in my party but none are close to ask to be MOH.  So I'm not having one.

    FI is currently trying to pick between a lot of guy friends (that's what I get for marrying a frat guy) 

    We are just having an asymmetrical wedding party.
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  • We will probably end up with an all female party as well! Glad to know we are not the only ones :)
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