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Disposable cameras at the reception--no more!

In this digital age it's no surprise that there is new technology that makes disposable cameras for guests obsolete. I'm talking about photo sharing apps for weddings!! There are a few, but I have actually used Capsule ( at a friend's wedding. Basically, the couple buys a wedding package online.  Guests download the app for free, snap photos all night, and then upload them to a central private feed instantly. It was really cool.  Has anyone else heard of or tried Capsule?

Re: Disposable cameras at the reception--no more!

  • Plenty of people use snapfish, shutterfly and others to achieve the same purpose.  

    There's no need for you to sell them a service that they could get for free.  
  • Never heard of it.  But, I hired a professional photographer -- we had three photographers covering all phases of the day, from preparation through the last dance.
  • Definitely do NOT purchase this. Wedding is what we finally went with - it was so easy even my 75 year old Great Aunt was able to upload her pics.
  • There is no way this isn't a vendor.  This is advertising script, not how people talk/write. Reported.
    Proud to be an old married hag!! image
  • We hired a professional photographer to cover the event and they were awesome.

  • Just posted something relative to this because my dad can't be at my wedding due to health reasons. Did anyone include in invites or wedding info that it's encouraged to upload photos on social media or a website (instagram, etc.)?
  • lol @ disposable camera subject line. Is this 1997?

    (I know some people still use them, I would think that these days people go digital...)
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