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? About Flowergirl Tradition

Hey there!

I had a question about the flower girl. Is it tradition for the flower girl to wear a dress that is similar to the bride's dress, or is it okay if she were to match my bride's maids? Just curious if there was a tradition for that or not. Thanks!

Re: ? About Flowergirl Tradition

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    It does not matter if teh FG matches anyone either BM or Bride. Actually I tend to think it is a little creepy when the FG is dressed like a mini bride. She should be in wedding colors but other then that can be in a coordinating dress not a match of anyone. Basically FG job is to look adorable and give you a way to honor some little girl you love
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    Awesome, thanks haha. That makes me feel better. I feel the same way about a creepy mini me walkin around o.O
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    lol, "mini me"s would be really creepy!  Our flowergirls are going to be wearing little ivory dresses with sashes that match the BM dresses, so technically they won't be identical to anyone.  I think it's just tradition for the flowergirls to look adorably cute on your wedding day, however you want to dress them is up to you!
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    I didn't think they matched anyone.
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    My daughter is my FG and since she calls it "our wedding" I thought it would be cute to have her in a white dress. Plus, my BM are wearing black dresses with indigo sashes and I didnt really want that look for her too.  
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