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When will he see you for the first time?


Re: When will he see you for the first time?

  • My husband saw me for the first time when I was walking down the aisle. I feel like that's the "wedding moment" I've been waiting for my whole life.  I wasn't willing to give it up for the sake of convenience. 

  • We want the 'wow,' so we're waiting until I walk down the aisle.  Fortunately, we're getting married earlier in the day so photos aren't an issue.
  • We're pretty untraditional about this one... He's actually already seen my dress, because I didn't want it to be a surprise. In fact, my finace is going to walk with his mother down the aisle right before my dad and I walk down. That way, he's still waiting for me at the altar, but we will have both symbolically entered our new life from the same place. (Rather than me catching up to him). I love that I can talk about my dress with him during all the preparations!
  • i'm old fashioned i guess lol. my FI wanted to go with me to pick out my dress so i'm sure he'd want to see me before but i'm not even going to give him the option lol. no too sure if that's being selfish or mean or whatever but it would mean so much to me for him not to see me until the doors of the church open Laughing
  • I was a true-blue "let him see me when I walk down the aisle" gal. Then, my sister-in-law had a horrible experience doing just that. She insisted on waiting to see her future hubby. They were rushed after the ceremony taking pictures (since they couldn't take them prior to the ceremony). They got their pictures back and realized they only had 6 shots of the bride and groom! They ended up having to re-do their bride/groom shots two weeks after the wedding. She had to get her dress cleaned, hair styled again, tux rented etc. It was a large expense. SO, I suggest seeing each other prior to the ceremony so you can maximize your time after the wedding taking candid shots with the bridal party and then heading over to the reception.
  • When I walk down the aisle at the ceremony. :)
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  • We were going to wait till I walked down the isle, but we figured it our wedding day and want to spend as much of it together as possible!! It worked out great!! Plus we didn't want to miss the entire cocktail party before the reception taking pictures. It was our wedding and we wanted to be apart of every moment. No need in staying separated the majority of the day. Plus once your reception starts, you kinda get separated and don't get to spend the entire time together. Just enjoy the day however you see fit. It goes by in a flash so take any time for granted!!
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  • My fiance and I decided that we will see each other prior to the ceremony.  We want to have our pictures done before the ceremony so that our guests don't have to wait on us at the reception and we can enjoy every moment of the reception with our guests.  We are going to have a private moment with just the two of us and the photographer in the chapel when my fiance will see me for the first time in my wedding gown.  We thought this would be the best compromise to make the most of the moment and our time.  It will still be an amazing moment  when I walk down the aisle with my Dad, regardless of whether my fiance has seen me for pictures of not.
  • As I'm walking down the aisle.  I can't wait!!!  Me personally, I don't want a private reveal, I want it all out there at the aisle.

    And, by the way, my wedding will be in the middle of the day, the ceremony and reception are in the same location, and the food will be set up and ready right after the ceremony, so while we're taking pics, guests can relax and mingle, then when pics are done we can join.  I really think it's going to work out well.
  • we saw each other before the ceremony.  worked out best for us.  if we had waited until the walking down the aisle bit, i'd have been disappointed.  everyone was leaning into the aisle to see and take pictures, it was very overwhelming and i didn't see him at all until i was up at the altar and the ceremony had begun.
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  • We're going traditional. Ive dreamed about that moment as long as I can remember and it not worth trading it for pictures. Every other wedding Ive been a part of has done the pictures before hand and I felt like it wasnt as romantic becuase they had their reveal and then stood there on stage for 2 hours. 

    We're going to take everything we can seperately before the ceremony and then take the family photos during the cocktail hour. Then when we get back from our honeymoon we'll get dressed up again in our wedding clothes and take our couples pictures somewhere pretty. 
  • We will be waking up together in our hotel room on our wedding day (I am looking forward to it as we will both be pretty excited!). We will have a few hours apart during the day as we get our spa treatments, but then we will meet up with one another right before the ceremony as we are going to be greeting our guests as they come into our ceremony room.

    It is a non-traditional ceremony, there is no aisle walk, and we are not having the actual vows until a little later into our ceremony, so this worked best. And I anticipate it will definitely be a very emotional and intimate moment for us both (no one else will be there, not even photogs).

  • Oh yes, and my FI has seen a picture of my dress after I bought it (he was excited about it, and wanted to know how to compliment the colour with his own attire) however has not seen it on me.
  • I never even really thought of FI seeing me any other time until I started reading these boards.

    But I still think the first time will be when I walk down the aisle. I think I'll stick with tradition on this one.

    We're going to take all our seperate photos before the ceremony and then hopefully very quickly take the rest together after.

    But I think I like tradition. For me I don't think I could have it any other way.

    But we talked about it a little the other day and we're in agreement for now. :)

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  • The night before the wedding, we will be having our rehearsal dinner, but after that, he will see me for the first time as i walk down the isle! can't wait to see his facial expressions!!
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  • For us time is not a factor its the pressure of all 100+ guests watching your every move, twitch and reaction to your "first sight". Which is why we plan on seeing one another prior to the ceremony. We feel it would be more intimate to not feel the pressure but enjoy eachother. We are bestfriends why not enjoy some ione on one time on our wedding day. After all the rest of the day will be filled with things to do and people to dance with and cakes to cut with everyone watching!!! Its your wedding day and you should do whatever you feel fits you best. No matter what anyone may tell would be crappy to regret any descisions based on others opinions!
  • I have been to weddings where both have been my cousin--she did the private reveal and my college friend--she waited until the doors opened and walked down the aisle.  We really haven't talked much about it.   Personally, I would like to share a private moment with my FI.  We are getting married in a park setting and I think it would be beautiful to walk up behind him and then have him turn around.  Then have our photographer take pictures of our reactions, then move to take our "couple" pictures and then join the family to take pictures.  We also are planning on having just mediate family for the ceremony and then have a reception for friends and extended family.
  • He will see me for the first time as I walk down the aisle.

    The special twist is that I have recorded myself singing with his brother playing guitar and that will be playing as my bridesmaids come down the aisle. He will hear my voice and hopefully it will increase the anticipation, but since it is pre-recorded, it won't add any extra pre-wedding jitters for me!!!

    33 days.... whew.
  • I also cannot decide when I want him to see me first. I want his first time to see me, as walking down the isle. But I was told that it can be a intimate time to spend together before the ceremony. Also the picture rush is another thing to ponder about. That way our guest don't have to wait for us. But as for pictures, I'd rather our photographer do the candid shots, rather than making sure I am in a picture with every family member combination possible.
  • @welshepixie 

    anticipation and excitment can be VERY overwhelming.. along with just the DAY in general! the shadow peek i think will help ease it JUST A TOUCH without giving away too much! and this "segment" of our wedding day is probably the ONLY "traditional" thing about out day... We're doing things a bit different then the "regular" ole Here's comes the bride all dressed in.... WHITE! :-)
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