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ATTN: Pagan Knotties! Need some help with Astrology!

My fellow pagans,

I am in a bit of a crunch here. I am HORRIBLE with astrology, but I am trying to figure out what weekend in June 2012 would be a good day for my wedding (Saturday or Sunday).

Could someone point me in the right direction (such as a website) or perhaps just give me your insight on what days you think would be best and why?

Many Thanks and Blessings!
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Re: ATTN: Pagan Knotties! Need some help with Astrology!

  • Merry Meet!

    Check out witchvox, there's lots of pages there.  Here's what we did:  we bought books.  lots and lots of books.  There's one that's called "A Romantic Guide to Handfasting" which is great (although the grammar is bad, it should be a Guide to Romantic Handfasting  LOL!)  And Rites of the Crystal Well.  Then ask your high priestess, unless you're like we are, solitary practitioners. 

    Over all, there are a couple of rules.  You want to marry on the WAXING moon--as near to full as you can get.  Also, try to do the time between day and night (sunrise, or sunset, in other words) to be "between worlds."  Also, although you don't have to worry about it, Pagans don't usually marry or handfast between Samhain (Halloween) and the Winter Solstice due to the Earth's cycle of life and death. 

    In Pagan tradition, Friday is the day of love and friendship, so you might want to try for a Friday, too. 

    We got married on March 20, at sunset, on the beach, the day before the Spring Equinox, 5 hours before a full moon, on a Thursday.  We originally wanted to do it on Friday, but the moon would have already been waning, so that was out for us. 

    Hope that helps!

    Blessed Be,


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    I agree.  I think the moon phase/time of year is most important :) 
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