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order of walking down

I have a large wedding party. 8 bridesmaids, 1 jr. bridesmaid and 2 flower girls. We have 8 guys and 1 ring boy. Well I was planning on everyone walking down in high order except for my sister who is the moh and the flower girls are going to walk in front of me. Well one of our guys cant make it so my FL. put his younger sisters boyfriends in the wedding. He has known him for years and that was fine with me. Well I was still planning on putting everyone in height order but now his family is fighting with me because his sister and her boyfriends would not be together due to the fact she is just as tall as he is with out wearing heels. She is the second tallest girl in the wedding party and he is one of the shortest guys. I am I wrong for wanting to put them in high order or should i just put them together?  If I were in a wedding I wouldn't expect to walk with my FL. I am short and he is much taller then me.

Re: order of walking down

  • You are seriously overthinking...why would you have them walk down in height order? Just give into this if thats what your family wants. No one will notice or care if the WP isnt in "order"
  • Ditto pp, you are definitely overthinking this! I've never heard of people doing it in height order. I always thought it was done in order of importance. The MOH is last before the flower girl(s) and the bridesmaids before the MOH are the most important to you.. sisters.. cousins.. bff.. etc.. do not stress yourself out by worrying about something silly like height. Make a list of your WP and see who's the closest to you and your FI and go from there. It doesn't have to be exact either if you want to make sure to pair this girl with her boyfriend. Do what works for you and don't worry about height or anything else that you feel other people will notice. It's all about what you and your FI want since it's your day. HTH!
  • P.S. I just recently switched the order around of my WP because I wanted to make sure one of my BM's was paired with her boyfriend who is one of FI's GM. I just switched her spot with another BM and no one will ever know there was a switch and now this girl is walking one spot ahead of another BM. No biggie.
  • Your WP are not the Rockettes where height is managed down to the 1/4".

    You are overthinking this.  If someone in your WP has a significant other also in the WP, why wouldn't you let them walk together?  Do you really think your guests are going to care about the height of your WP?  Answer:  they're not.

    And please ignore the previous advice about ranking your WP in "order of importance".. How exactly do you say to a dear friend/family member:  "You're going in first, because you're the least important to me".  That's just awful.  Awful.  Awful.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • It's not awful. It's what has always been done in my circle. I was at the end once when I was in a wedding because everyone else was either family of the bride or had known her a lot longer. It didn't offend me at all, I was just honored to be a part of bridal party after only being friends with her for a short time.
  • Im going in height order too. Itll look the best when they are lined up and i was talking to my sister who is a BM and she thought it would be weird to walk down the isle with her BF. a little too odd. so she specifically asked for me not to put them together. Again its your wedding do what you think looks best and what you really want to do and let everyone else know that and thats final. its all of 10 min they are apart. its not a big deal and they shouldnt be fighting about where they are in YOUR wedding. Best of luck!!!
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    They can go in any order.  Just wait until the rehearsal and let them order themselves.  There's no reason this girl can't walk with her BF.

    In any event, you should never rank friends in order of importance.  What a nasty thing to say to your friends!  What kind of person would do that?
  • Definitely agree with the others - too much thinking here! It never occured to me to have ppl walking down in order of their height! That is just way too much, nobody is going to pay attention. I'm going in order of importance, our siblings first and then we're mixing up the cousins and friends. However, there is no question that the couples in the party (and I have a few of them) will absolutely be standing up together! It's rediculous to think they wouldn't be!
  • For those of you criticizing arranging attendants by order of importance, what order do you suggest?  The attendants don't all go down the aisle at the same time, so somehow there must be some type of criteria used for deciding who goes when.  Just telling them to figure it out amoung themselves is a recipe for confusion. I guess you could sort them alphabetically or something, if you really wanted to make sure that no one was offended.

    Although I'm not planning on announcing to my BM that the least important ones go first, that's basically the order I have planned:
    Semi-junior BM (younger cousin)
    Relatively recent friend
    FI's cousin
    my cousin
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    I told my friends to get in line at the rehearsal and they did.  It was random.  If they hadn't, they would have gone in alphabetical or something.  They were alphabetical in the program.

    I would never dream of hurting my friends by ranking them in order of importance.  I just couldn't ever be that hurtful to people I love, and can't believe how many people would do something like that.  In the 2nd grade, all the little girls had lists of their 1st best friend, 2nd best friend and so on.  It caused a lot of hurt feelings then and still would as an adult. 
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