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Wedding Bands-Who buys?

I have been told the groom buys his own band, however I've always thought that I, the bride, bought his band.  Should I buy or not?

Re: Wedding Bands-Who buys?

  • DH and I already had a joint checking account so we decided on them and purchased our wedding bands together.
  • We paid for each other's.  No particular reason, just worked out that way.
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    I paid for FIs and he paid for mine.
  • I bought his, he bought mine.  I definitely got the good end of that deal!  Laughing

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    [QUOTE]I bought his, he bought mine.  I definitely got the good end of that deal!  
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  • FI is paying for both. 
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  • His band is a family piece and my engagement ring is as well. It came with a hook-up band but after resizing the main ring, there really isnt a way to make the other fit without melting it down and ruining it. So I bought myself a new band that I liked since FI is taking care of the honeymoon money.

    /shrug. I dont think it matters. If you share money, then it doesnt make a difference. If not, I say whoever can more afford it at the time.
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    We paid for each other's, but it all comes from the same pot, seeing as how we were getting married and all.  
  • FI bought both of our bands. 
  • We paid for both wedding bands out of our joint account.

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  • We joined our bank accounts long ago, so we both paid. If you don't share money, offer to buy it for him and see what he says he prefers.
  • I bought my H's, he bought mine. 
  • We bought each others'.
  • He bought mine, I bought his.
  • I bought my FI's....
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    We're buying them for each other.
  • We share an acount together so we are both paying for them, as well as the rest of the wedding.
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  • We are paying for them together out of our combined funds. If you are asking, then it doesn't sound like you share money. This is a good time to go ahead and combine your finances, if possible. You are committing to spend the rest of your life together and what is his is yours and what is yours is his - it ultimately comes from the same place. You are buying your rings for each other - what they symbolize is the best gift of all.
  • We each bought our own, which it looks like is not the norm!  It just made sense to us at the time we went shopping.  We went in on the engagement ring together.  I didn't give two shakes which one of us bought what.

    My future SIL and I were talking about her rings today, and her husband surprised her with both her wedding bands.  She didn't see them until the day of the wedding.  I was thoroughly surprised by that - i don't know how common that is. 

    At any rate, those are my (totally useless) two cents.


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  • My FI is taking care of both. We don't have merged accounts yet or anything, and we agreed that if we have extra money in the wedding fund we can use that for the bands.... but I think he wants to keep that extra cash for the honeymoon, haha.
  • I bought them both. I happened to have more money at the time, so that's just how it worked out. I don't think it matters least not to us.
  • I bought his and he bought mine - it would be weird for me to look my wedding ring and know I bought if for myself.

  • We bought each other's bands.
  • I bought both, but only b/c I make more money than DH. However, we got a really good deal through DH's friend who works at a jewelry store.
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