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reception favors

My fiance is Italian and his parents want to do a traditional favor at the wedding where you give 5 white almonds to all of the women at the wedding. I'm completely fine with that and I like the idea but I already came up with an idea for everyone to receive a favor that would be set up at their seats. My original idea was to decorate simple white bags and wrap some candies in tulle on the inside. Any ideas how I could incorporate both so everyone gets a gift and my future in-laws get to include their tradition?

Re: reception favors

  • My best girlfriend is Italian, and so is her now DH.  They gave each reception attendee a small gift, which was on the plate at the table, then had a relative stationed at the door as the reception was breaking up.   That person handed each lady a small white tulle bag with the almonds in it.  Not sure if that's a possibility for you or not. 
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  • That sounds like a good option. Thanks!
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