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Alternatives to walking down the asile???

I am getting remarried in March, and my first wedding was a disaster because of the whole aisle tradition and I am trying desperately to avoid a repeat.  I have a father that is not a part of my life but is still around.  He is the kind I see on holidays and maybe a time or two exta a year.  Then I have been blessed with an amazing step-dad.  I asked my step-dad to do the honors last time and it ened my "relationship" with my dad for over a year.  My fiance and I were planning on a hot air balloon wedding which solved all my problems (no family, no aisle) We were going to have all of our family untie the balloon and say "We as a family send Chris and Lynze into a marriage together" BUT the pilot just quit and I don't know if we will be able to do this anymore.  Any ideas to alternatives to the aisle, doesn't even have to be traditional?  I'm not really into the idea of my brothers or my mom walking with me.  Please help!

Re: Alternatives to walking down the asile???

  • Why don't you and FI walk together?
  • Why don't you just stand up there with your FI?
  • Just walk by yourself.
  • just from yout title I was going to answer : running, skipping, or crawling, but since that's not really what you were asking..

    Walk by yourself. This is your second wedding so no one is giving you in marriage but yourself. You can even have your FI meet you halfway down the aisle.
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  • My friend's son had a beautiful moment in his wedding.  His bride stood at the top of the aisle so that they had their "moment" to see each other.  Then he walked up to her, and together they walked to the altar.  It was quite symbolic of their walking together to their new life as husband and wife.  You can easily do that.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • i vote for SLIP AND SLIDE!!!!!! or drive a ATV through a RING OF FIRE!!! no chances for anything to go wrong in those acts!!!!

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    [QUOTE]i vote for SLIP AND SLIDE!!!!!! Posted by awdamm[/QUOTE]

    This. Slip N Slide all the way.

    PS. I don't think it was the tradition itself that made your 1st wedding screwy. I think it was the people involved not being adult enough to be civil and rational.
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  • I would suggest walking by yourself, but recently encoutered that as a hassle when I presented that to my real dad too.  What if your step dad walked you in and presented you to both your parents at the front of the aisle for a kiss/hug and "hand-off" to your awaiting groom?  Good Luck!
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  • I would also suggest walking yourself down the aisle and then have FI meet you half way down and the two of you walk the rest of the way together.  I think that would elicit a nice "awwwww" from your guests.

  •    Has anyone been to a wedding or heard of the Mom walking the daughter down the isle?
  • My sister-in-law had her mom walk her down the aisle.  Her dad was there but basically had nothing to do with her for her whole life and her mom hadn't remarried yet.  It was very touching because when they got to the end of the aisle as her was was getting ready to hand her to my brother, they had someone sing "In my daughters eyes" by Martina McBride. 

    I say walk yourself down the aisle.  Although I do love that slip n slide idea....
  • Hi!  I am dealing with the same thing.  My father is not in my life and I don't feel comfortable with my Mom walking me down the aisle.  I am taller than her and I feel like she would make me more nervous.  I am thinking about walking by myself.  I am not wearing a veil over my face so I think I will feel very exposed but oh well.  I like the idea of my fiance meeting me at the top of the aisle pews and then walking me to the alter. 

    Good Luck,
  • Your finance could also meet you halfway.
  • I think your fiance should walk you down the aisle. This is symbolic that you're a TEAM and also, since it is your second wedding it's ok to do non-traditional things. Either that, or walk alone. Remember, this is YOUR day!
  • Oh and yes, I have heard of Mom's walking their daughters down the aisle. Two of my cousins did it since their day is not a large part of their lives. They have relied on their mom their entire lives and their dad has been the "talk to you on holidays" type guy so they chose to have their mom walk them and it was emotional and sweet!
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